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JP Data’s team consists of experienced executives, analysts and consultants with strong industry background and multidisciplinary technology expertise. The team brings in a variety of industry experience along with strong business acumen, a wide network of industry contacts, and intimate knowledge of qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Over the period of last five years, the team has worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups on many state of the art AI products. The team has advised industry leading companies in identifying markets, strategic planning and business case development. The team has worked on wide range of projects that involve product definition, positioning, revenue projection and financial analysis, financial and technology due diligence, product portfolio analysis, new product development, benchmarking and marketing strategy.

In addition to publishing syndicated research reports that provide in-depth strategic and qualitative analysis of emerging technology markets, the JP Data offers consulting projects tailored to the needs of client organizations. Our client base includes technology vendors, OEMs, start-ups, and end-user organizations within a variety of vertical markets, government agencies, industry associations, and financial services firms.

JP Data’s consulting engagement involves creating a detailed project plan featuring key objective, milestones, schedule of update meetings and interim deliverables. Engagements are bid as both time and material as well as fixed bids to meet clients’ business objectives and budgets. Clients work closely with JP Data’s staff to ensure that the goals of the engagement are aligned and desired outcome is achieved.

Key areas where JP Data has completed consulting assignments in the past include:

  • Product positioning and analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • TAM size and forecast
  • Market and corporate strategy
  • Investor due diligence
  • Strategic advisory sessions
  • Marketing material development
Details of some of the recently completed projects are provided below. Please contact us to find out how we can help with your needs.

Go-To Market and ecosystem planning

  • We worked with a AI chipset company provider to analyze market scenario and developed go-to-market strategy. Recommended product features, partnerships, early adapters to target. The chipset was targeted towards low power (<1W) market.

Use Case Analysis

  • We performed analysis of over 100 use cases and matched them with client’s product portfolio. The matrix considered details such as underlying AI technology, product feature, markets and ranked them by numbers. The outcome of the project was recommendation on best use cases for clients’ products and positioning.

Competitive Analysis

  • We have worked with several companies to keep track of competition in a given application market. The products have ranged from one time engagement in which we provided deliverables to on-going monitoring of competitive landscape.

AI strategy

  • We have worked with several end users (enterprises) to analyze needs of AI and build a long-term strategy. The goal of such projects is how best to use AI within their organization. During the course of the product, we also make recommendations regarding the hardware and software infrastructure needed for implementing AI applications. The outcome is a strong foundation for client business and technology capabilities and execution.

TAM/SAM and Market analysis

  • we frequently work with clients to build market model and come up with TAM/SAM analysis. The Total Available Market (TAM) often is different for a client’s product from what is published and we perform thorough market analysis to come up with realistic numbers.

Corporate Strategy and Advisory

  • We worked with companies to analyze their AI/Computer Vision product portfolio recommended overall strategy, positioning and messaging.

Marketing Literature Generation

  • We have worked with companies to come up with appropriate market messaging and then build wide range of literature for promotional purposes. These include white papers, product briefs, customer presentations, blog posts and so on.

Investors and start-ups

  • Technical due diligence: We have worked with investors firms on due diligence of the AI technology companies. Wrote reports and feasibility analysis.
  • Business plan due diligence: We have performed complete business plan analysis and financial modeling of achieving revenue targets for companies. These companies were primarily seeking Series B and C rounds of funding. The deliverables involved spreadsheet, reports and presentation comparing product to peer and business with market condition, feasibility of product and success.
  • Business Plan Creation and Validation: We work with start-ups to create business plans that include aspects like market analysis, planning, sales forecasting among others.
  • Start-up advisory and help with capital raising: We’ve helped start-up companies to build their pitch deck poand connecting and/or pointing to resources to raise capital.

Product Management and Analysis

  • We analyzed client’s product portfolio from technology, ease of use, market applicability and recommended product strategy.   This involved positioning, pricing and suggestions for ecosystem building.
  • We often work with clients to build Market Requirement Document (MRD) and Product Requirement Document (PRD).

AI Proof of concept (POC) development

  • We have been involved of late into Proof Of Concept development for AI applications that are outcome of numerous strategic assignments. Rapidly building POCs requires deep understanding on technology and our team brings that to the table. These POCs allow clients to business benefits offered by AI and decide if its worth pursuing a full fledged implementation.