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About JP Data

We are industry insiders located in silicon valley driven by the passion for AI. Our team has worked with prominent chip companies around the valley and bring in intimate knowledge of the technology as well as ecosystem. Our aim is to educate readers with business aspects of technology in this rapidly evolving market. We create comprehensive content pertaining to technology, market and business of AI chips, devices as well as edge and enterprise applications.

The content here is largely the outcome of our experience working with market research reports during our careers. Although current research reports give you lots of good information, they still often times fail to answer specific questions and reader has to spend time researching. For example, a marketing manager might want to understand competitive landscape and get analyst perspective on specific product. A sales strategist might want to understand future outlook of a product for the next five years. An entrepreneur might want to understand specific technology trends in the industry and challenges. We have tried to be thorough in our reports and hope to address these questions in different sections. We are also transparent in our source of information and have provided detailed information about market models, data and references where possible.

Contributors, Reviewers and Advisors

Anand Joshi

Anand Joshi is a semiconductor industry executive with 25+ years of industry experience. He is a recognized expert and analyst in the artificial intelligence community and speaks frequently at conferences. His market research reports from Tractica/Omdia on computer vision, AI chipsets, AI infrastructure and use cases been used by top semiconductor and OEMs for strategic planning purposes since 2014. Over the past five years he’s been involved as an executive and advisor with several prominent AI chip companies including NanoSemi (acquired by Maxlinear), Redpine Signals (acquired by Silicon Image) and Wave Computing among others. He has built state of the art AI chipsets and vision-based software analytics products. He has worked with tier one customers in the consumer, automotive and enterprise markets to understand and implement AI products per their needs. During the early course of his early career, Anand successfully built startup businesses as well as business units up to 200 million dollars in revenue. His career spans Synopsys, LSI Logic, Poseidon Design Systems, Alten Calsoft and Cap Gemini. He holds MSEE from Virginia Tech and MBA from UC Irvine.

Aditya Kaul

Aditya has more than 18 years of experience in technology market research and consulting and most recently covered Artificial Intelligence for Tractica/Omdia. Prior to Tractica, Kaul was a practice director at ABI Research, where he led the firm’s Mobile Networks research group. He has also been an independent consultant, providing industry participants with strategic business and technology consulting in the areas of Internet of Things, smart cities, and wearable computing. He was previously a senior analyst at Pioneer Consulting, where he established a new wireless research and consulting practice and had stints at Qualcomm and Siemens. Kaul has been a prolific speaker, moderator, and panelist at industry conferences and events, and has appeared frequently in the media including The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Forbes, CNBC, The Motley Fool, VentureBeat, Unstrung, ZDNet, Wireless Week, EE Times, and CommsDesign, among others. Kaul holds two master’s degrees in engineering, from Colorado State University and Pennsylvania State University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from National Institute of Technology, Surat in India.

Jessica Groopman

Jessica Groopman is an industry analyst with specialization in digital transformation and responsible governance of emerging technologies including IoT, AI, blockchain, and big data. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jessica works with innovative companies internationally, supporting strategic advisory and research across several industry verticals and technologies. Groopman hosts the ‘Hype Hazard’ podcast and is a regular speaker at emerging tech industry events. She is also a frequent contributor to numerous 3rd party blogs and news/media outlets. In her prior career, Jessica has been principal analyst with Tractica where she contributed to their automation and robotics practice. Jessica’s earlier research experience includes stints at Harbor Research, Altimeter Group, Focus Research and Tippit

Dale Hitt

Dale Hitt has over 30 years of experience in the technology industry with his career spanning Xilinx, Intel, Motorola and Nvidia. His expertise is in strategic marketing, technology, and business development with skills in product management/product marketing for AI products and services. He runs a community of computer vision professionals AV8 that focuses on business aspects of AI and vision applications. He’s worked on some of the industry’s key product innovations that include the first Android phone, first 3D graphics platform and first SaaS TV personalization platform.

Sylvain Flamant

Sylvain has more than 25 years of experience as a developer and engineer with focus on software. He was principal engineer at Wave Computing where he led a team to implement and simulate ML models and to confirm the performance of the models on hardware using fixed-point and floating-point proprietary hardware data-types.Prior to that, he worked as a principal engineer at Anritsu and Ikanos focusing on DSP and telecom. Sylvain has MSEE degree (1984) in signal processing and communications from Stanford University. In his spare time, Sylvain enjoys volunteering as an official for USA swimming—13 years and counting. Sylvain brings his expertise as AI developer to JP Data and contributes his (often strong) opinions to the AI technology section.

Mike Uhler

Mike is an expert in hardware/software integration and the importance of software to the success of hardware products. He was previously SVP, AI Systems Group at Wave Computing, VP, Smart Data Acceleration Program at Rambus, CVP hardware/software integration at AMD, CTO for MIPS Technologies, and had senior technical leadership roles at SGI and DEC where he worked on software, system hardware and microprocessors. Mike received the BSEE and MSCS degrees from the University of Arizona and is an inventor on 42 U.S. patents. Mike is involved in advising and critiquing JP Data’s reports focusing on AI acceleration systems hardware and software.

Jin Kim

An executive, entrepreneur, and data scientist, Jin’s experience spans enterprise software products and services in AI, big data, and advanced analytics. He has led multinational engineering and marketing teams at both established and startup companies, including GraphSQL, Wave Computing, Objectivity, Skytree, Tom Sawyer Software, Vitria Technology, Tactica, and Trimeter Technologies. Jin’s focus encompasses markets for machine learning and deep learning; data management, integration, analytics and visualization; and mobile and cloud computing. He was the evangelist and technologist behind more than 60 innovative products, from concept to revenue. Jin earned his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering and BS in Electrical Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University. Jin brings in his expertise in AI to JP Data and is actively involved in advising and critiquing technology sections of JP Data’s reports.


We provide a wide range of data that complements our research reports.  These include data pertaining to vendors, buyers, products, sales price, product features and so on.  We are focused on numbers and the intent is to provide quantifiable back up to readers to enable the end goal. Our aim is to provide actionable insight to readers for key market functions such as go-to-market strategy or product planning or business decisions. 

We data collection methodology is based on primary and secondary research. Primary research consists of 360 degree view of the market and technology. We interview vendor, ecosystem players, buyers and partners to get their opinion on various topics. Based on the information provided, we build our own judgement and report. The interviewed people are often technology and business executives who have expertise in their field and carry voice in the industry.

The secondary research consists of looking at publicly available information. There are many sources of information available online that we comb to find relevant information. These include SEC filings such as 10Ks, blogs, webinars, industry conference presentations, online videos, press releases and so on. The information from these sources is then distilled to extract relevant information. Each report explains in detail how fo the market model and forecast methodology.


We are a growing firm based in Menlo Park, CA with strong client portfolio within Fortune 500 and prominent start-ups around the globe. We are looking for analysts to build next set of research reports and data. You must be passionate about AI and bring expertise in data science, and market modeling. You should have overall understanding hardware and software stack that goes into creating a device and a curious mind to explore business implications of technology. Please email your resume to if you are interested in discussing further.

For additional information, please contact us.