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The exciting world of AI

AI keeps on evolving… on a weekly basis! Ever since I started following this industry, not a single week as passed by when I haven’t heard something interesting. While this is fantastic for world and consumers but sometimes I worry that things are getting unnecessarily hyped (just as they’ve always been. Remember dot com boom?) I mean what is the big deal if someone was able to generate an artsy image using auto encoder in a research paper? It is just a paper – it will take years of work before human art loses its meaning and AI art takes over. (and I would even argue that AI art will not come anywhere close to competition with human created art. That is why we have those pictures that you can buy in bed bath and beyond for twenty bucks and then there’s Picasso!).

Nevertheless, past few years have been exciting with many innovations taking place. I have been monitoring the AI hardware space from both technology and market point of view(and that includes chipsets, IP, devices, software and applications). The technology, driven by innovation in chipsets, promises to take AI a long way. Applications is what will make AI usable and devices will make it happen.

Many start-ups have appeared in the past few years and some have been acquired. Some are going through their litmus tests and some are failing. While no-one knows the future, one thing is for sure – AI is here to stay. The ramp up may not be like dot com world and may follow a completely different pattern, but there is no question in my mind that eventually many of the things we do will be taken over by AI and we are going to see exciting future.

Please check back this page frequently to read my opinions on various AI related news.